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Corporate Information
Clinical Licence: 10101039365

Tracheostomy Care

Price ฿895.00

Tracheostomy Care Description

Tracheostomy care is important to ensure that patients do not develop infections in the respiratory system and other complications. Tracheostomy care mainly involves suctioning to prevent occlusions and replacing supplies and removing secretions. This service is for patients who have a tracheostomy tube and have suction pump device at home and and needs regular care to help remove secretions and clean the wound. (The service fee not includes medical supplies.)

Package includes

  • A. The nurse will do wound care and suction secretion for tracheostomy care in the comfort of your home. Service time is 60 minutes. 
  • B. Consummables for the wound care  service are included. 
  • C. Suction device and catheter are not included in scope and are to be provided by customer