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Clinical Licence: 10101039365

Postpartum Care (8 hour)

Price ฿2390.00

Postpartum Care (8 hour) Description

Postpartum care is crucial to a mother's recuperation after giving birth and it is important to take special care of the body, as it heals from nine months of pregnancy and delivery.

In this service, registered nurses provide post-partum mothers who often have trouble taking care of themselves and noticing abnormalities of lochia, involution of the uterus, and perineal wound or cesarean section wound. The nurse will assess for abnormalities in the lochia and involution of the uterus and help take care of the perineal wound or cesarean section wound.  The nurse will also provide advice on self-care postpartum such as exercises that help the Pelvic organ prolapse. 

Package inclusions

A. The nurse will provide postpartum care for the mother, in the comfort of the home.  Maximum service time is 8 hr.

B. Nurses assess the mother's physical condition after childbirth, such as looking at abnormalities in saliva, uterine contractions, cleaning the perineal wound/surgical wound from childbirth.

C. Giving advice on self-care after childbirth includes postpartum exercise, postpartum breast care, sexual intercourse, and postpartum contraception.