Corporate Information
Clinical Licence: 10101039365

KARMA KM-2500/KM-2500L Lightweight Wheelchair

Price ฿8500.00

KARMA KM-2500/KM-2500L Lightweight Wheelchair Description

Design and Development for a smaller and lighter stroller
Coated aegis to prevent bacteria and mold.
KM-2500 front wheel 6 inches, rear wheel 14 inches, trolley weight 11.1 kg.
KM-2500L, front wheel 6 inches, rear wheel 22 inches, weight 11.7 kg.
The width of the seat is available in 2 sizes: width 16 inches and 18 inches.
Support up to 100 kg weight
Extended armrest frame increase thigh area
Swing-out footboards

How to use
Used to support the mobility of the disabled or the elderly including those who need to use wheelchairs that can or unable to push the wheel by itself

Product Warranty
5 year product warranty

Read the warnings on the label and papers of the medical device before use.

Delivery Service 3-4 days