Corporate Information
Clinical Licence: 10101039365

Registered Nurse Nanny service 8 hour

Price ฿2390.00

Registered Nurse Nanny service 8 hour Description

Nannies with a background in nursing are a wonderful asset to first-time parents In this service, qualified registered nurses provide nanny or babysitting services for infants or toddlers. This provides the reassurance a parent needs navigating those precious early months. As children grow older, they will provide peace of mind if your children fall ill. (One of parent must be present while a nurse provides services.)

Package inclusions
A. nurse serves in the comfort of your home helping with the below tasks such as formula preparation, feeding assistance, changing diapers, bathing, swaddling, and comforting the baby. Maximum service time is 8 hr. 
B. No consumables are included in this service.